2015 ACSIA Leading Producer’s Trip

Mission Statement


Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment that encourages and promotes the achievement drive of our agents to grow their Long Term Care business and attain financial independence, by working together as a high-performance team.

It is our philosophy to...


  • value our agents as our primary customers
  • never accept, or settle for, the status quo
  • proactively seek new opportunities that create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • grow the organization profitably
  • promote a culture of excellence where agents and staff are proud to be part of ACSIA





We are proud and excited to announce the destination for the


2015 ACSIA Partner's Leading Top Producer's Trip




Being that Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina it is not lacking in things to do!

There is a huge range of interestscovered from race cars and butterflies to the history of the city,

South American Art, wars and famous/influential citizens.

For more information check out the Welcome Argentina website.












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